Programming tutorial for "Models in higher brain functions" in 2009

Here you will find all the material for the programing tutorial. The tutorial takes place Monday 2:00 - 3:30 pm in the computer pool on the upper floor in the BCCN. Note that the door to the upper floor might be locked, so I will take a look outside just before the course starts.

This tutorial will complement the lecture by looking at the topics from a programming angle. We will explore more advanced programming techniques, which are useful for working on larger research projects. Problem sets will be given every one or two weeks. Towards the end of the course a larger project will be assigned.

The solutions to the problem sets must be written in Python. If you are new to Python take a look at my Python introductory page. The code should follow the standard coding conventions. I will not accept exercise solutions that deviate from this standard without good reason. I highly recommend you to read Code Like a Pythonista: Idiomatic Python, where the coding conventions are nicely wrapped up. Solutions are also only accepted if they are well structured (code that "just works" will not be sufficient...).


Problem Sets

Programming Techniques

It is intendet to present some advanced programming techniques during the tutorial, some of which will then be used in the exercises. We will decide on the topics based on previous experience and general interest. Topics of interest might be: