Programming tutorial for "Models in higher brain functions" in 2007

Here you will find all the material for the programing tutorial. The tutorial takes place Monday 3:30 - 5:30 pm (sine tempore, we actually start at 3:30 pm) at the Computer 'CIP' Pool (room 106/107), Invalidenstr. 42 (map).

Useful Stuff

Please follow some proper coding conventions.

Problem Sets


The webpage for the projects is now online. Please contact me for the assignment.

Special tutorials/lectures

As already announced earlier I would be willing give an introduction to some useful programming tools. Possible topics are: If you are interested in this please write me an email. The default date for this talk would be at the programming tutorial, but we could also pick another date.

If there is interest I could also give a short introduction to LaTeX.


17.07.07: We decided that the lengths of the talks should be 13 minutes each, with 7 minutes for discussion afterwards.

16.07.07: Updated the matplotlib tricks and the dates on the projects page.

22.06.07: If there is interest we could transfer the tutorial to the Computer Pool in the Bernstein Center and get you accounts. These computers also feature Python and Eclipse. So if you are interested in this please contact me.

22.06.07: Updated the project page.

11.06.07: Project page is online.

07.06.07: Added a solution for problem set 5.

27.04.07: I added a short page on matplotlib tricks and updated the solution to problem set 1.

24.04.07: The computer pool should now work. If you experience any problems or want an account for this course please contact me. The solution for the first problem set is now online.